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The Following Rules Below are for the Members to obey at all times. Any member found not following the rules are subject to the following:

* Warning(s), Loss of some or all Posts, Being Banned, IP Ban


  • Any member posting underage material (explicit or non-explicit) will be BANNED. This includes anything with Traci Lords.
  • Any questionable material is subject to review at any time (Note: member needs to be able to Provide Proof that content has Legal 18+ Females/Males)


  • NO Rape (fantasy or not)
  • NO Bestiality.
  • NO She-male, Trans sexual or Gay content. Futa content is allowed in the Hentai section and Anime images section ONLY.
  • NO Extreme Torture.
  • NO Pee or Scat.
  • Any other material that is illegal or sickening.


  • All video and image content posted on the forum require screenshots or video/image previews.
  • Do not steal other users image code. You are allowed to use someone else images (if they have not been
  • watermarked/username stamped by someone) as long as you re-upload them to an image host yourself.
  • You may use animated GIF images for previews but you must include regular static images which meet the screenshot requirements first.

Do not BUMP, Spam or Flood

  • Flooding is when 80% or more of a page is covered in 1 users posts.
  • Spam is the repeated posting of the same content over and over.
  • Bumping is posting a reply purely in order to raise your thread's profile. i.e. get the thread back to the top of the forum.


  • Posts with cash-links will be trashed without warning.
  • This means links for images and download links. (adfly, shortest, etc)
  • Posting redirecting links to avoid cash-link hosts is not allowed.
  • Streaming links are not allowed to be posted anywhere on the forum.
  • False links to phishing sites are not allowed.
  • Cashlinks & phishing are banned on this board for a reason, you break this rule and we will ban you permanently.

NO Multiple accounts

  • Duplicate accounts will be deleted and the main account warned or banned. This is up to the Mod/Admin on duty.


  • All posts, replies, and signatures must be in English only. Exception - the original titles of movies and clips.

NO Advertising

  • This includes any and all websites, blogs, forums, and streaming video sites not pre-approved by the staff. (File-sharing Sites are allowed)
  • This includes uploading a file with a website URL as part of the file name. (for example
  • This includes uploading a screenshot with a website URL or watermark as part of the description.

NO Double Posting

  • You are only permitted to post one (1) copy of your content on the forum at any one time.
  • Posts with duplicate content will be trashed without warning. Repeat offenders may be warned or banned at our discretion.
  • The only exception to this rule is if you have dead content in the Trash Bin and one (1) live copy on this content on the main forum.

Download links and Passwords

  • If you are posting download links, you must provide a free user option. You cannot post premium only download links without a free user option.
  • Passwords are allowed (Passwords have to be clear to users. you can hide password with base64)
  • NO passwords should be in .txt files link and have to be Downloaded (Whole Post will be Trashed without Warning)
  • NO Password is allowed to display a URL to a website, blog, and forum (Same as Advertising/Spamming, NO Advertising Rules Apply here)

Signatures and Avatars

  • Signature: 255 characters or less
  • Signature Pictures/Gifs should be no bigger then 300k and W:400xH:150
  • Avatar: Largest=Width 110 pixels Height 130 Pixels
  • File-Sharing Advertising is not allowed
  • No Advertising of Websites, Blogs, Forums, or Streaming videos in Signature or Avatar
  • No Underage, offensive, or banned Material in signatures and Avatars
Note: PornForum Staff reserves the right to Change/Alter Signatures and Avatars
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